Fibaro 211 Dimmer in ON/OFF Switch.

Hi Guys,

I’m new to home automation so sorry if this is basic. I got a few of these Fibaro 211 dimmer units with my Vera bundle. I have been trying to install them in a standard ON/OFF Light switch and have been running into some problems. First off can I actually do this or does it need to be a dimmmer switch. I thought I read they can work like this?

I can get the light working (Turning on and off) through Vera but the actual switch itself does not work. Does this need configuring some how.

In my switch I have COM and L1 wired I have taken the wire from COM and wired this to the Fibaro L and then wired Sx back to the switches COM then the wire from L1 I have wired to N and bridged N and O and wired S1 back to the L1 in the switch.

Any help would be great.

Many Thanks

You’re trying to wire this into a switch box without a neutral wire, correct?

The dimmer switches assume that they are connected to a physical momentary switch, by default. If you are using a standard toggle switch then there is a configuration parameter (from memory, #14) which needs to be flipped from a 0 to a 1 (or vice versa)

Yes no neutral wire. Thanks for your assistance I will try that tonight. ;D