FGD-212 Fibaro Dimmer 2 and remote controller

Hi, I recently bought the fibaro dimmer 2 (fgd-212) to replace a broken Aeon Labs dimmer. For the Aeon Labs dimmer I used a battery powered z-wave.me wall controller to control the dimmer. I can associate the fibaro dimmer 2 to the z-wave.me wall controller but nothing happens when I push the button dim up/down. I also tried to associate the dimmer id to the second button on my TKB Home dimmer with the same result. The dimmer works perfect with my Vera Lite UI7 latest firmware. Could it be that other devices can’t control the dimmer?


Hi I might have figured it out, seems that Fibaro Dimmer 2 uses encrypted command for dimming. So now I have to replace all my old wall controllers to new z-wave plus. Do any one know if there is an option in UI7 that lets you include a device in non-secure mode?


You can change parameter 27 on the dimmer to send as non secure