few questions

I have been using the HA bridge set up with great success but wanted to try out the vera app to see if it was faster and allowed for better thermostat control.

here are the issues I have

1.) I named the thermostat temp as it seemed the most natural “alexa, set temp to 70 degrees” it then ask which device? and I say temp and command is executed. So what natural word works better?

2.) how do you turn the thermostat to off or on? when I issue a turn off temp command it says the device can’t do that

3.) the Amazon Sign-In site doesn’t list my aeotec motor controllers for curtains is this a future upgrade?

I believe you’re only able to set the temperature.
My thermostat is called Nest. So: “Alexa, set Nest to 21”. Tried calling it; temp, temperature, room, living room, thermostat, but that just didn’t work. Calling it Nest (since that’s what the thermostat is actually called) works great and sounds natural to me.

For the curtains you cloud try to set up scenes. A scene that opens, and one that closes.
scenes → add scenes → trigger (manual) → and set your own preferences.

Alexa is able to activate the scenes. Only con is that you have to say “Alexa, turn on the curtains” instead of “Alexa, open the curtains”.

strange that I can turn the thermostat on and off with the HA bridge but not the vera plugin.

the problem with controlling the curtains is a natural way to say " turn on curtains open and turn on curtains close "

I am used to saying turn on and turn off curtains now but yet open and close would be preferred.