Feature Request

Maybe I missed it…
But at least, throw in a PayPal donation link within the app!!!

While it doesn’t work that great with UI6, nor does Vera’s own(buggy)…LOL
And I understand the work involved in getting the new authentication working(against Vera’s servers)

I just feel like I got too much for free… This app went above and beyond, and just too good to be entirely free…
If you feel that this thread was a positive review, by all means use it… <–you have full permission
Thanks for all the hard work, as well as all the helpful posts throughout this forum!!!


I really see no reason to add a donation link. I ask nothing in return as the sole purpose of the app is for my benefit and if others can benefit from the app than that is a bonus. If someone feels that they want to donate, they can contact me. But I will not push for donations.

As for UI6 support. It has been implemented into the app for several months now. It is available in the alpha builds and will be in the beta builds very shortly.

  • Garrett

Well then…


It’s not frequent that you come across solid software developers, that at minimal, ask for a donation. Your Android app has good taste, appears to be some intricate code, and is rock solid.
On top of that, you provide support… take in feature requests… and keep it updated… all the while, doing it within decent turnovers/timelines…

Most big names cannot accomplish that with 10+ employees, let alone a sole cat doing it for shittles and grins…LOL

Cheers to you… and hat’s off… ;D

If you just do not care about money, you can always donate it to a charitable fund in your community?
Just saying…

Here in the states, St. Jude’s Hospital more/less makes miracles happen…