Feature request


I wanted to say that i really love this app, especially the tasker support, and i have 2 requests / suggestions

The first is to add a widget, like the pushover widget, so you can see and scroll all the alerts without open the app


And the second is an option to send an alert without notification


for example if you just want to execute tasker task without notification, or when I’m using autonotification (Plugin for tasker) that have a lot of options and even actions, so I send the alert with vera alert, and execute notification with tasker that have action, so when I use tasker notification I don’t need the vera alert notification just to execute tasker task


Thanks for this great app:))

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I will look into a Widget for Notifications.

Currently the Vera Alerts Tasker interface allows you to call Tasker when a specific Vera Alerts notification is received. So if I disable notifications … Tasker will not be able to see any … just specific ones.

Tasker can see any Android level notifications (not just those from Vera Alerts)

so if you send an alert to veraalert without notification tasker cant lunch task ?

maybe an option to auto clear notification after receive (if possible)

Tasker can:

  1. attach to any Android NOTIFICATION … this is not part of the Vera Alerts app.
  2. attach to a specific (set of) Vera Alert notification (s) … this is part of the Vera Alerts API.

If I turn off notifications than (1) will not be available.

thanks, i can see now that i can lunch task with any app notification, and this is also how the veralert work with tasker

any way to auto clear the notification ?

Because of the loose binding nature of Tasker (it does not react immediately) … If I auto clear (cancel the notification) … it very well may not see the notification.

If you can add this option as a task in tasker it will be great, so in the start of each task you put the “clear veralert notification” and than you can continue with the task, this way it will clear the notification of veralert only after starting the task

also wanted to know where can I find the latest files to translate the app?


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Email me and I will send you the files.
My email is on the Website.