[Feature Request] Detection for local/remote connection

I’m currently using Authomation on a local connection and it works great. But due to the lousy router my internet provider provided me with, in the back of my house the wifi connection on my phone sometimes drops completely. Because I’m not on the local network anymore I can’t operate any switches via my Vera.

So I’ve changed my connection to a remote connection. This way the app always works with my Vera but it is a lot slower then when I’m connected locally via wifi.

Is it possible that the app would detect if I’m connected on the same wifi-network as my Vera and then use a local connection? And if I’m not connected via wifi use the remote connection? I’ve entered all the data in the Vera Settings-window, even a username, password and local Vera-IP address. So when I switch between local (with wifi connected) and remote (on cell-network) manually it works.

This feature is already added to AutHomationHD. If you are using AutHomation and running Android 2.3 or older, I have unfortunately have stopped supporting AutHomation for some time. Only AutHomationHD is being supported with future updates.

However, if you are running AutHomationHD this can be enabled under Settings → Connections → Auto Connection Switching.

  • Garrett

Oh, I didn’t know there was an Authomation and a AuthomationHD. I’m using the HD-one and I’ve just discovered the setting you were talking about! Your app is even better than I knew!

Great work!

The HD version was originally for Tablets that were running Android 3.0 or newer. It than turned into any device that runs Android 3.2 or newer. AutHomation is for devices that run Android 2.3 or older and is not in development anymore.

  • Garrett

Aah okay, I’m using a Nexus 5 so I’m running the latest Android version. Everything works great!

Glad to hear that it is working.

  • Garrett