Faux 3-way switch?

I was originally going to run wires to create a 3-way switch for my hallway. Now that I have a Vera and z-wave switches, I figure I won’t need to run the wires since I’m wireless.

Is it possible to hook up one z-wave dimmer to each ends of the hall to control the same hallway light? In other words, is it possible to hook up one dimmer to be an auxillary to the other switch?


It’s possible. Hook up the hallway light to one dimmer, then place a second device on the other end of your hallway, and Associate that device with the dimmer.

The second device wouldn’t be a dimmer but a controller, which in this case is basically just two switches and a Z-wave radio. Setting the association with the dimmer will let you control it from the buttons on the controller. Here’s an example: http://www.duewi.de/index.php?productid=37276 Some controllers like this one are battery-operated so you can just tape them to the wall where you need one, and the batteries last a good while.