Fanlinc and keypadlinc dimmer

I just have a quick question. Do you have and control over the dimming of a fanlinc through the keypadlinc? What I mean is can I manually dim up and down via the keypadlinc or will I have to just set “scenes” for different dim levels?

I will be utilizing the ISY994i and the isy plugin.

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I just tried, and was surprised to find that yes, I could.

I have 4 KPLs buttons for fan speed - High, Med, Low, and Off (each set to non-toggle on).
The fan was already on low, and I pressed/held low…which sends a brighten command. The fan went to medium then then high.

Unfortunately, since on my fan I can’t hear a difference between Low and Medium, I can’t tell when I get to Medium, and end up holding the KPL too long, and get to High (which I can hear when it kicks in).

Dimming for the lights of a FanLinc work the same as any other dimmer.

Instead of this, for other KPLs, I have a “Fan+” button and a “Fan-” button. When I click one of these, using programs, ISY looks at the current speed, and increases/decreases it by one. If I double-click (FastOn) “Fan+” it goes to high…and a double-click (FastOn) of “Fan-” goes to Off.

Thanks for the info!!! Just what I wanted to hear :joy:

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