Failed VeraLite Firmware Upgrade

I filed a ticket back on Sunday night, but I know that MCV can be a bit…slow on responding.

I went to do a firmware upgrade on my brother’s VeraLite which was already on UI5(the exact firmware numbers are escaping me right this moment). I waited for about 18-19 minutes and rebooted the box when it never confirmed it had completed(nothing new there, have had it many times with my Vera2 do the same thing after successfully completing). This time, though after rebooting, I get a blinking blue power button which never changes. If I hold the reset button down when powering up the box, it goes to an amber light on the second light[Ready Button]). When I have the blue light, I can plug a PC into it and after setting up the PC with can ping I can’t seem to do that when the amber ready light is blinking(when I hold the reset during reboot).

The recovery tool they have only runs on Windows XP(I stopped using XP about 5 years ago), and even though I have loaded Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, it doesn’t see the Vera box, although I could ping it. So this concerns me in whether or not I am going to be able to restore this box or if its now dead.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Bad part for me is that I leave MI for FL on Monday, so have limited time to get this back into service before I leave.

Have you tried launching the application in compatbility mode for XP? You should also make sure that any firewalls etc are disabled. There are post saying that win7 doesn’t work for some, but its always worked for me in compatability mode!

I believe it just uses TFTP, so you could also search for an alternative TFTP server to host the recovery file.

I did try it in compatibility mode for XP(SP3). I’ll check it again making sure the firewall is disabled, but was not able to talk to it or launch the browser session on it.

TFTP has put commands doesn’t it, do we have a procedure to push to the box? Or what address and port does a TFTP server need to be set at for the box to automatically download the software?

And thank you for your timely response, I appreciate it.

Just figured I would give an update on this. MCV support was able to talk to the VeraLite but was unable to resolve the issue and a RMA is being done with the box. Not sure where in the firmware upgrade it went really wrong(mostly cause you aren’t shown anything) but that was apparently enough to brick it.

The other weird thing was about the support ticket. I did it through the webpage, twice, from the UI but neither ticket was actually created. They only got the ticket when I did it through their webpage directly and then responded fairly quickly. So, thought I would mention that as well since sometimes a slow response or lack of a response might be caused by additional factors(like in my case, no ticket actually being created).

I appreciate the response.

Hi, i have the same problem as you describes, and you say that MCV support was able to talk to the VeraLite but was unable to resolve the issue and a RMA is being done with the box. What does RMA stand for?


Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) - basically an authorisation to return what you bought.

Thank for sharing.