Ezlo "Services First" Model & Cost of Ezlo vs. Vera

Apologies if in wrong spot.

Long time HA enthusiast from X10, through Insteon, and onto Zwave/Vera. Have two VeraPlus and one VeraLite (green and white one) in three properties. Not a coder but do well on self-administering and troubleshooting. Have always loved Vera and it just worked well despite requiring a bit of tinkering and research. I’d like to migrate my VeraLite implementation to a self-administered Ezlo Secure with 2GIG sensors (which is compelling) and HA features – but – I’m concerned about ongoing costs.

Reading the posts it’s clear that the new Ezlo people are laying the foundation for “subscriptions” saying that it’s necessary (it is if you have set unrealistic profit figures for VC or PE), everyone is used to them, etc. One of the primary reasons I’ve used open source software and Vera (and other HA) over the years is NOT having a recurring subscription. Subscriptions are GREAT for busiesses and executives but generally horrible for consumers. I have read other posters who share my disdain for subscription and prefer one-time charges.

Reading the following post: What will Ezlo “services first” model cost? makes it look like subscription services are a fait accompli. Is that 100% the case? Has anyone heard what Ezlo is planning re: “pennies per day” and what that means? $0.01 x 365 = a lot less than $0.99 x 365. This is a big deal to me and may tip me to explore Home Assistant or other well-supported open source ventures on say a Synology NAS or RasberryPI.

Would appreciate hearing from the new Ezlo overlords and the community on this.