Ezlo Secure Upload Siren Sounds

Hi there,

I’m new to the community but have been using Veras and now Ezlos for 10 years. I noticed a feature on the Ezlo Secure siren that gives you the option to “select the ring song.” I’m not sure if this is a working feature.

Is there a way to upload sounds to the Ezlo Secure through FTP/SSH or the USB connection?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hello David
Could you tell me where you noticed the option to “select the ring song"? We provide only default sound of siren for Ezlo Secure.

Its in the Vera app under devices. The Siren shows as default on the Secure and the screen shot is the settings of the siren.

Being able to change siren sounds(not sure if they are audio files) or add more sounds triggering them with some LUUP coding in a scene would really be a huge feature. It would come in handy for many uses like audio reporting what doors are opening in a home “back door” “front door” and other automated messages like “your oven was left on”.

Hello David
Thank you for the info provided. That’s how siren in the hub is presented in the app. They used default siren UI. It’s a bit misleading cause you are not able to change siren sound and volume level. We’ll discuss it in the team to find a better representation. As of change sound of siren, for now it’s set up on a hardware level. We’ll investigate if we can add this feature to the hub. I think the better way to implement behavior and logic you mention is to use Ezlo hubs with voice assistants.

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