Ezlo REST API Documentation etc?

do you want to control hubs through Http API via public endpoint or it will be some integration with other services/apps?

Hubs through HTTP API via public endpoint. Along with some basic smart home controls - I manage properties that interact with all sorts of different APIs - this provides intelligence and an abstraction layer based on various events that can occur at any given time. With the retirement of the Vera devices, the goal is to replicate what we had existing as the properties grow and we can no longer configure them with the edge controllers.

Are they cloud services (eg: do you talk to them over the internet or local devices)?

@melih they are all cloud services enabled through a controller such as Vera or having direct APIs of their own. This is obviously the point of the public endpoint.

I understand.
Can you please provide me (either here or on a PM) list of these cloud services, so that we can integrate it natively into our system for you. (So that when you are creating automations etc you can do it from a single interface and no messing around running APIs etc)

@melih I think you’re missing the point. Many of these services used are not feasible via your interface and wouldn’t make sense to be honest. I don’t just talk to home automation apis and the abstraction layer is absolutely necessary. I’ll PM you as well - a public API is required.

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