Ezlo plus nightmare

I finally got the new Ezlo Plus hub the other day and have spent hours just trying to add it to my account much less even start migrating everything over from my Vera Plus.

I have sent a number of emails to Vera and Ezlo support addresses and have not gotten a single reply. I even submitted the email for the refund for upgrading hubs and again, no reply? Are they no longer in business or is everyone having as much trouble as I am and they are backed up with customer service complaints?

Is it still too early in the game to switch hubs and should I wait until the majority of the bugs are worked out and more devices will work with the Ezlo Plus?

I have reset the controller numerous times and each time I try to set it up, I get the same result. I can get the point where I join the controller’s Wi-Fi network wi-fi######, but that is it. It will not join my network and the LED on the front just constantly flashes yellow.

Additionally, I utilize the Caseta Smart Bridge Pro and a LOT of switches paired to it. It works great via the Vera Plus, but I don’t see an integration with the Ezlo Plus yet? Is this the case or am I just missing it?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,


I have been “fighting” this EZLO platform or month now. I have received responses with either “not fully integrated yet” Please open a ticket …They (tech support) would sometimes also open one for me…BUT really no resolutions on many issues!!! Just last night the little bit of devices i had are now completely “gone” like I have a completely new hub??? It asked me to setup time and date??? I try building a scene using EZLO features and The sunrise/sunset features are still “not operation” the suggested “work around” also does not work and I am supplied with old screenshots that Don’t apply?!!

The promise of EZLO Plus will support “everything the old platform did VERA PLUS” like cameras being currently sold is NOT supported on this platform either?!? They talk around The device integrations now exceeding the old platforms Vera - but just have a Pairing without FULL control option and features
NOT working is just pointless!?!! Marketing words i guess!??!

GOOD luck

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@fredthetiredman and @wills1970,

Sorry for delay with reply.
Can we make a short QA sessions to check your issues with Ezlo Plus.
Check please your PM.

Hello @wills1970

We’ve also replied to the support ticket you created please check your email.

We’ll be pending for your reply.

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