Ezlo Plus Issues

I hope both normal users and Ezlo techs view this forum posts. Hopfully these issues will get resolved quickly.

  1. How do I know which firmware is on my ezlo plus? I cannot find it anywhere.

  2. I have created scenes (scheduled to activate at 8am). The scene contains 8 window coverings, to be opened at 8am every morning. The problem is that some of them open and some of them do not. I do not know why and I don’t know how to fix it. When I use the app to open/close/set them they work fine most of the time (see next issue) unless ezlo is “thinking” or “busy”.

  3. In some instances, when I activate a device it does nothing. When I try to activate it a second time, it works. What is the issue?

  4. On initial inclusion of some devices, I tried to use the Z-Wave Smart Start to include it. It would state that it was added to the hub but the device would not be listed anywhere that I could find/see it. Where is it?

  5. This issue is related to number 2 but when closing the window coverings via a scene that is scheduled to run xx minutes before sunset, some of the window coverings close and some do not. What is the problem? What is the solution?

  6. When adding scenes via the Dashboard Pro instead of the legacy Dashboard, there is no way to assign the room. I can select the room I want the scene to be associated with but there is no way to save it. It only allows me to select back or cancel, neither of which saves the room. Only way it works was to change the dashboard setting to Legacy Dashboard, go to that Dashboard, hit the plus sign next to “My General Systems Alerts”, hit the right caret next to “You do not have any scenes on your controller” and then create the scene. Also note: that even after all this, and all the scenes are created, the section still shows “You do not have any scenes on your controller”. At present, I have 14 scenes that I can see when I select “Scenes” from the menu.

  7. How do I heal my zwave network and/or update neighbor nodes?

  8. On the app in the dashboard, some of the buttons are white and some are grayed (both work haphazardly at times) why are they different color?

  9. Under some of my devices there is a “Z-Wave Settings” button:

     * What does “Rediscover device” do?
     * What and how do I (or do I need to) use the “List of parameters”?
  10. In “My Preset Modes” it states there are “No device found”, is this normal/correct? It states No device found in all of the modes (Home, Away, Night, Vacation).

  11. I select configure on the modes, but I do not see how to change anything except the Wait time under “How much time to wait before changing mode and Who should be notified. I cannot change any other items (What to do if an armed sensor trips, what to do when this mode is selected, is this another bug?

  12. It is impossible to delete a device from a scene. Only way to remove a device is to delete the scene and start from scratch. What is the fix for this?

Hi @ryantatum20
First of all thank you for trying Ezlo.
Our guys will respond to you shortly! We are here to help you. (I see that you have a ticket opened in our support team, but they will deal with it here as well…) If there are bugs or feature request, we will create the necessary tickets along with ticket IDs so that you can monitor its progress.

In Settings then Customer Care at the bottom of that page.

Dashboard Pro is based upon “Sections” that you can create and add.

So you could have a Section for lights. A section for Scenes a Section for Window Coverings etc.

It’s a pretty basic dashboard but you should be able to group common items together in relevant Sections.

Network heal should be automatic and happen every night if it’s like Vera hubs.

Update neighbor nodes is not exposed in the mobile app but should be an option you can initiate in the upcoming web page GUI when it’s released.

It’s difficult to tell with the current flickering bug of tiles in the Dashboard Pro, but greyed tiles are off and white tiles are on I believe.

Can you post a screen shot of this?

This works for me on my Ezlo plus, I can choose what state like armed or disarmed, devices and sensors should be in, in the various different House modes.

Can you post a screen shot?



We just sent you an email answering your questions!

Best regards from the customer care team.

Many Thanks.

Your welcome.

I’ve been told by the top person at Ezlo that your support ticket has been esculated and hopefully they can quickly resolve any remaining issues and questions you may have.

I have everything based on rooms that I have added under the rooms menu. When I select the room when creating the scene, there is no way to save that info.

That makes sense. I guess at the time the flickering bug (which drives me crazy) must have been the culprit. Thanks.

I’m not sure I follow?

When you add devices to the Ezlo hub you can assign them to rooms.

Then in the Vera mobile app then you select devices from the menu, you can view or sort all those devices by “room”.

This is the default device view I use in the Vera mobile app by “room”.

So you are trying to create a scene to do what?

Please see previous screenshoot, it shows the modes in configure mode but I cannot select anything.

OK that’s very strange. I just checked my preset modes in the Vera app again and now mine looks the same as yours “no device found”

When I looked earlier this evening I could see all my devices listed and I could select if they were armed or disarmed etc.

So there seems to be some problem currently.

OK I’ve created a problem report as we are now both experiencing the same issue.


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Ok my devices are back again now in configure preset modes.

I just closed down the Android Vera app and reopened it again.

Clicked the House icon again and the configure button and now all the devices are listed and present again.

Can you try the same.

Scene varies in function, turn on lights, or open blinds, etc. The issue is adding the room. It will not save the room when the popup list of rooms are displayed.

From main Dashboard Pro, press gear wheel in upper right corner
Select the name of your Ezlo plus (near the top)
Screen pops up and you can “Add Section” under “LAYOUT” (this is where I added a list of rooms).

This is how I added the Rooms to the main page to Dashboard PRO. However when I create a scene (any scene) and try to select one of those rooms, the list pops up. I can select an item ie. Master Bedroom. However there is no way to save it to move to or return to the previous screen. It always reverts back to “No Room”

Thanks. Unfortunately I can not see it. States “You do not have permission to view this request.”

Trying to follow

This is what I then see.

I can then create a new Section type of:


I can’t see a way to add rooms to the dashboard

Post a screen shot of that.

when this pops, I added my rooms in the blank box under “Name your section” the I selected devices as the section type.

This gives me a long list of 20 rooms.


I don’t know how you have managed to do that. I cannot replicate and get to a similar screen as shown in your screen shot.

This is what I am seeing at the same stage.