Ezlo Plus flashing every morning

Every morning, my ezlo plus is fast blinking (twice per second) orange (at least I think that’s the color). In the Reset button & LED Behavior guide, this states that the controller has connection to the Internet but it cannot establish connection with Cloud. What is the problem?

In order to get it to return to the solid blue, I have to unplug it (reboot).

Why is this happening and how can it be fixed?

Hello @ryantatum20

We would like to count on your authorization in order to check your controller’s settings and collect diagnostic log files that would allow us to identify the cause of the disconnections.
If you agree with us checking your controller, please let us know.

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yes, by all means.

Did you change your logging level to debug perhaps?

Mine was doing the same thing you described. There is a bug it seems and the logs don’t get rotated and the unit runs out of disk space and crashes.

I set the logging back to info and it didn’t flash orange again.

I don’t even know how to change the logging level. So not sure if that is the issue or not.

Oh well just an idea.

I’d still check the disk space though…

Ezlo plus is much harder to find that info. Lot less access to things.

I had similar networking connectivity issues due to my Plume WiFi mesh system where the optimizer would juggle clients between APs to optimize performance. After reporting the details to the Ezlo team, they purchased a Plume device and sorted it out for the Ezlo Linux products (e.g. Ezlo Plus/Secure) but the Ezlo RTOS products (e.g. Atom2) never worked correctly so I worked with Plume to disable WiFi AP optimization for my Atom2 devices.

So, are you using a Wifi Mesh solution? If so, you should make sure the Ezlo team knows the details.

Yes, I’m using a Wifi Mesh system. Thanks.

Hi there @ryantatum20

Regarding the problem you are having with your controller not establishing the connection correctly, please do the following:

  • Remove/unpair device #74 aka MBR Wall Switch
  • Reboot the controller
  • Try to unpair it again but this time while including the device press the top and bottom paddle 3 times, meaning you will need to start with the bottom paddle and then the top, just repeat that 3 times in a row as fast as you can.

That should include the device with the security feature.

Let me know if the controller continues to have problems.

I will try this when I get home. However, what/how was the determination made that #74 aka MBR Wall Switch is causing the issue?

Thank you.

We checked some of the logs the controller was generating and it was found that this device was increasing the size of one of the logs by 1% every 5 minutes or so, therefore, the controller won’t have space left after a couple of hours and will be stuck.

Please let us know if it performs better after re-pairing the device.

Thanks for the assist. The device had died, not sure how long it was dead so repairing/reincluding it was not an option. I had to replace it.
I have added the new device.

I spoke too soon, the past two mornings, it is once again flashing and is offline. This is very, very annoying.

Hello @ryantatum20

Please check the two following days and let us know if it is still happening.

I will check tomorrow (Saturday) and the next day.

Ezlo Plus stayed steady blue all day on Saturday. So far today (Sunday 7:16 am) it remains steady blue.

I have scene running at 8 am, will see if all works with no problems like yesterday.

Ezlo Plus has not been flashing for the past 5 days, it has remained solid blue (although to me the light looks white).

For some unknown reason, it is now flashing once again. Don’t know if there was something done on the server end or not but nothing has changed on my end and yet, it is flashing now.

Ezlo Plus goes light flashing EVERY SINGLE DAY! It will not remain steady blue. What is wrong with this thing. It is really annoying, every single day I have to unplug it and reboot it.

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