Ezlo Platform Z-Wave supported Command Classes & Devices

Thanks, in my particular case, I own TZ74 (EU Version) and TZ37 (EU Version too)

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It’s easy to just copy from the post and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.

it’s even easier to click on a link and get the result

Wish you would finally add the Inovelli LZW36. One of the best dimmers out there and no support :frowning:

Is the LZW36 even available yet? The company website suggests it’s still in beta, “a work in progress” and was only due for release in Q2 of this year.

Ha, sorry. Pulled that off my pre-order and copied the wrong one. I meant the LZW31-SN Dimmer.


Hi @MCakan @melih
it is very good all these integrations but each time you have to wait for the release of a new firmware, why not offer the user a place where to download the integration files of the new modules, like a store for example?

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Hi @Pitt13,
For the new Ezlo platform we separated device integration process and new firmware releases. So as soon as a device is integrated to our new platform it is directly there for all of our users to use it ( no more waiting for a new firmware) We are also naming them here each week with what we have integrated in the last week (with the posts like this)


will we have this system on the next update for Vera (Vera plus)?

Sorry but no @Pitt13. It is actually not a vera HW vs ezlo HW issue. It is an old FW vs new FW issue. Since for now new FW means new HW, we have this feature for now only on new HW. We are also working on moving our vera hw to the new fw (we are working here on the alpha for vera egde controllers to move them into new fw)

I am sure there is a better place to post this but i just read through this thread and WOW! There is a lot of things i didn’t know about. Hopefully someone can answer a few questions:

  1. Is Vera dead!?

  2. Do we expect any more firmware updates? Beyond minor fixes? (Vera Plus)

  3. When will the new Ezlo be able to do all the things that Vera Currently does? Does it already?

4a. What is the incentive to stick with Vera/Ezlo if i have to unpair and repair my entire network? I found this thread b/c i was frustrated by lack of support for LZW36 that lead me to looking into Hubitat (again) which lead me here.
4b. if i have to rebuild my whole network why not make the switch to Hubitat (or other)?

  1. Will Luup still be a thing?

  2. Will I be able to bring over my scenes and apps? Copy and paste scene code?

  3. Is Ezlo going to be a steep learning curve? if so what is the incentive to stick with this platform?

8-n. I have so many more questions but really what i want to hear is an answer from the company, whatever its current name, and from the community as to why should i should not buy a Hubitat today and say goodbye to this group?

Also maybe I am not as active on the community boards as many others but seriously when were you going to tell us that Vera is dead?

Not quite yet.

There is a new beta firmware currently in the developers only group with quite a large list of fixes.

Who knows when?

No it doesn’t already.

No incentive.

They might still surprise us with a migration path maybe?

Let us know what you think of Hubitat?


As it stands scenes will need to be recreated.

LUA code should still work.

All current 3rd party plugins will be incompatible and will need to be rewritten

From an end users perspective No it won’t be a steep learning curve.

Ezlo Innovation llc.

Lets hope they will be innovating.

The back end underlying system, Linux OS, Z-Wave / Zigbee stacks and APIs etc, has had a full rebuild.

Front end seems to be the same old Vera app with some minor improvements and changes.

@cw-kid I wish I could say that I liked your response but I can say that I am thankful for it.

“Not quite yet.” I guess I need to start looking at this seriously. Are there any other threads that you would recommend i read before making a decision. I would like to be convinced to stay but at this point i am really considering jumping ship. (8 years :confused:)

Vera has got some legs left yet.

The current Vera hub hardware will be able to be “upgraded” to the new Ezlo Linux firmware.

Currently we can only do this with the Vera Edge.

So the hardware isn’t going end of life.

It’s the software and firmware that’s changing.

I’ve used Vera for over 10 years and I am not panicking yet about jumping ship.

If you have a stable nicely running Vera installation now then I see no rush to start doing anything.

Why don’t you request a beta hub so you can make a first-hand decision? I have been fortunate enough to test both the ezlo plus and the ezlo Atom 2 both of which show promise, although there is more work to do before they are production ready. I don’t know if the beta window is still open or not, but from my experience, I would start with an ezlo plus. Perhaps you can PM @Ioana and/or @melih to make your case. You can read more about the beta test here.

Also, the release notes for ezlo Linux and ezlo RTOS releases are available here. There are frequent releases as they round out the capabilities and wring out the bugs.

Thanks @blacey I read through all 500+ comments there. It seems like from an end users perspective this change is similar to the switch from UI5 to UI7. (In reality rewriting the FW is fundamentally different) I think it is fair to say that it has the potential to be a difficult transition for a lot of people but in the end worth it. I certainly had my share of headaches when switching to UI7 but it would be ridiculous to go back to UI5 now. I think I will PM @Ioana or @melih, after reading through that thread it looks like there is good two way communication between the testers and the developers and i would like to help shape the future of this platform. Thank you for the suggestions.


Has this become possible yet? To install new ezlo firmware on Vera hubs?

Hello @Plus,
It is possible to install the Linux Firmware that Ezlo controllers use on Vera Edge controllers only. You can find more information on this post here.

Please excuse my newness to the forum, if I get the posting location, etc., wrong.

I just transitioned from a Vera Edge to an Ezlo Plus controller. In doing so, I lost the use of my 2 GoControl GD00Z-4 Garage Door controllers. That’s number 245 on the list of supported devices (if I understand correctly). Vera support says sorry - that device is not supported. I challenged that, and they said that the supported device list were for Vera Edge, and not necessarily for Ezlo Plus. Further, they said that it is unlikely to will be for the Ezlo Plus. Too old.

Is this true?

If so, how do I know what is supported on the Ezlo controller, versus the Vera?

Further, how many other surprises am I likely to run into?

Hi @David_Forsberg , can you tell us the firmware of your ezlo plus . Also did you try removing the devices via API and pairing them back as Generic zwave devices ? Do you see the devices in your devices list at all ? What is the exact error you get ?