Ezlo Migration - Geofencing question

Good morning,
Now that Ezlo has support for DSC as a plugin, I’m more seriously considering migrating my Vera plus setup to Ezlo. One of the roadblocks I see right now is I use the iPhoneLocator plugin on Vera to automatically arm my home alarm when I leave, and to close blinds, turn off lights, etc (essentially Away mode), and to open blinds and turn on lights when appropriate when I return. Vera’s built in Geofencing proved to be unreliable, so I switched to the iPhoneLocator plugin that proved to be pretty rock solid. I thought I read somewhere that the Ezlo geofencing was still in development, and I don’t see anything about a plugin like iPhoneLocator. Is this true?

Are there any other roadblocks users who are switching have run into?

It’s in our roadmap…we will build geofencing…i want to use it myself :slight_smile:

It looks like it’s come a long way, but that’s one feature I would consider basic that is missing, among others. I have a feeling that you would have many more users migrating if all those features that were available in Vera were available in Ezlo.

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