Ezlo in EU release date?

As the title says, any dates yet for Ezlo in Europe more specifically GB


We are aiming to start deploying the Ezlo hubs this autumn in UK and Germany and we’re starting with the Atom but we’re delayed because of Brexit and some recent EU VAT changes which we’re working on.

We will surely let you know and we’ll also have a launch campaign when this is going live.
Stay tuned.

ok thank you

If you don’t sell many Atom’s in the UK, please don’t give up. I for one am waiting for the Plus - it seems way more useful to me to have both Z-wave and zigbee in one unit.


Thank you for your trust and patience. We won’t give up one of the biggest markets and our existing Vera customers that want to upgrade. Atom will be available through Amazon in EU and UK, most probably the same way for the other Ezlo controllers. We’ll keep you posted.

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