Ezlo HW Beta updates

Hi guys,

This post is for the Beta testers that enrolled to receive the Ezlo hardware:

  • Ezlo Atom v2
  • Ezlo PlugHub v2
  • Ezlo Plus

We’re facing delays with the enclosures for the Ezlo Plus due to the current pandemic - the earliest shipment of the enclosures to us is end of May :pensive:

However, we don’t want you to wait that long, so here is our proposal…anyone that likes them “raw” we have the PCBs and we can ship it to you.
For those that have skills and equipment for 3D printing we can even share the 3D print file, so you can build the enclosure yourself!

If you want to receive the board, WITHOUT the enclosure, please add the same email address used for Beta enrolment in this form.


What are the dimensions of the board? as i dont have a 3D printer. I could find an enclosure for the board as i wouldn’t want to short it out by accident.

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Hi Ioana,

What if I choose for this option, will you send the enclosures later ? I am very eager to start testing this Ezlo Plus but I have no 3D printer and don’t want to use this new device always unprotected.

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+1 with the same concern

Cool, i have a Prusa 3D printer and Will print one myself :slight_smile:

Hi @Matteburk, where are you based? and would you print for others? at a cost obviously.

Sweden … But you could just buy a standard case from a electronic store and make some Holes. something like this https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/el-verktyg/elektronik/elektroniklador/inbyggnadslada-120x70x35-mm-p89026

That’s what i intended to do. Would be nice to have something built for the job tho.
I was thinking of gutting an old router as i have plenty that i haven’t used for years.

Can i please have a file so i can testprint one direct :smiley: @Ioana

yes of course.


Perfect, then i’m ready for testing without a enclosure :slight_smile:

and then put in an enclosure when you send it at an later date :slight_smile:

If the enclosure is send later I’ll start testing with a provisionally one.

3D step files of Ezlo Plus enclosure are here.
EzloPlus1.zip (3.0 MB)
EzloPlus2.zip (1.9 MB)

The dimensions of the board: 58x73x15mm

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I’m game - send away!

That was fast - thanks.

FYI, the STEP files orientation needs to be adjusted for printing. I’ll just rotate them but I thought I would point it out…

I think? the design files are optimized for injection molds (a good thing) but might require some tweaks to be able to print on a 3D printer - if there is an earlier version of these designs that you printed on 3D printers, albeit not as polished, that might make it easier.

None of these comments should be considered blocking in anyway because beta testing a bare PCB is totally doable and well within the realm of beta testing - just be careful about static electricity when handling and keep your fingers away from the board when powered up.

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Was there no top in the zip files? couldn’t find it…

I started a print like this… then I don’t have to have support in every cooling line… maybe it fixes it without support in the cooling lines . But in with the way I print it I have to have 0.1mm thickness…

@Oleh posted 2 files, first the bottom, second is the top with led tubes and led tubes holder. Good idea on flipping it with supports. Have you printed one yet?

I filled out the form to request the bare PCB. Like some of the others I do not have a 3D printer and will be beta testing it without an enclosure. I’ll need the enclosure sent when they do become available.

Saw it now. Have printed the bottom all day and finished in 45min. The best is to have a SLA printer instead of a filament printer … I will throw up a picture soon

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