Ezlo and UPNP Bridging?

Do the Ezlo hubs support UPNP bridging between two hubs the way it’s done with Vera? If not, is there some other method for communication between two Ezlo hubs that are on the same IP network but that are physically distant from each other?

Can you give me the use cases as to why you would want these two to communicate with each other.

Depending on the answer: I might already have the answer…or not…:slight_smile:

I have a house and an outbuilding that are hundreds of feet apart but on the same IP network. Currently, I have a Vera in each that are UPNP bridged. I have scenes that need to control lights on both hubs. I’d like to know my options if I upgrade to Ezlo hub(s).

Edit: I can also see the status of all devices through the web interface of one of the Veras and can control devices on both hubs through it.

Two different areas:

1)Ability to create MeshBots (rules):

You can create a MeshBot and choose it to be “Cloud” so that you can use any device connected to any Hub anywhere in the world, as long as its in your account, to control and create rules for it.
For example: If motion detected in Device A connected to Hub A (in New york) , then turn Device B connected to Hub B (in London).

Of course this MeshBot will run in the cloud.

Hopefully soon:
We are launching the above capability for devices in the same “network” vs same “account”. And these MeshBots will run in one of the Hubs you choose locally. They will handle all the inter hub communication natively. There is nothing for you to do…its all done natively for you.

2)Ability to visualize (Dashboard):
You can already visualize all your devices in your “account” …not limited to a “hub” or “network”.

These devices come from different hubs in my account and they are all shown in one dashboard and I can control them using this dashboard.
I can customize this dashboard to my liking, by selecting what I can hide or not, different sizes, order and even create multiple instances of this dashboard with different configurations so that I can flick thru what I want…

Thanks very much. Meshbot is a new concept for me that I’ll need to learn about. Is there a “how to’” somewhere on the recommended method for transitioning from a Vera hub to an Ezlo hub?

Here is the official technical help documentation

and there are lots of “How to use” videos done by @cw-kid . (Thank you @cw-kid !!!)

they look like these…

or you can find them here as well Help Videos - Ezlo Community

I set up a scene using the cloud option of Meshbot (Mois v1. 7.2) and added 3 lights on two controllers. Only the lights on one controller turn on. Created another cloud scene using different devices with the same results. I have never been able to make the cloud option work. How did you do it? Were you using unreleased beta firmware?

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