EZ Motion 3 in 1 as light level switch

Hi There,
I am new at this forum. In fact I am new with the Z-wave stuff as well.

I want to switch a lamp on when it is dark and off again when it is light. I use a scene with a trigger. This trigger is using the EZ Motion light sensor output. Something like ‘if light level < 30 then run the scene’.
That works well. But when i try to make another scene with similar trigger (if light level > 40 then run) to switch the lamp off again, it does not work. It seems to me that there is a bug in the trigger. It looks like the > sign is not used.
Is this a known issue?
Anyone who has a solution for this?

it should work. double check your scene. did the light sensor go above 40?

Yes it did. On the overview page the sensor had a value of 100.

I found the solution for this problem myself. It seems that there is a problem with two scenes with triggers at exactly the same time. So I delayed the ‘off’ scenes with 5 minutes and now it works.

That is an important observation esp since there have been requests for triggers to be independent of scenes, it will be interesting to see if using the same trigger in multiple scenes creates problems

Do you like the EZ Motion 3 in 1? I was thinking about getting the aeon door sensors but read SO MANY posts about problems with them. Then I read about problems with other door sensors so I am now looking for a reliable motion detector, preferably one that won’t be set off by my dog.

Said, but so far I have not found any reliable motion sensor…

Foscam camera motion sensor is working reliably for me but it is motion only, no light or temperature and also it is not a Z-wave product