Extremely disappointed with New Vera Ezlo

So I purchased my new Ezlo controller over a year ago because I needed to replace my dead Vera Lite. Knowing and working with the Vera brand for many years I thought it was a safe and smart purchase Boy was I wrong!

=In the beginning I knew I was purchasing a “new” device that was yet untested but I enjoy home automation (although not an expert by any means) and I was up to the challenge and thought my input would help others. Right from the start there were issues with not enough compatible devices (even though they all worked on my Vera Lite) I wanted to tough it out as tech support seemed to be very responsive in wanting to get devices “approved” with Ezlo controller. One issue after another with NO REAL RESOLUTION. Tech support took all my information and was able to get into my controller Still no resolution,

So I come to the ezlo community to see how others are fairing. I have stayed away from posting for a long time to see if these issues would get resolved with updates / upgrades. To my dismay I still have most of the same issues I had a year ago. Yes they are working on MiOS and portal but it seems to me that they just can’t resolve they basic issues that came up when they introduced ezlo.

I still can’t add simple devices without clicking my ruby slippers together and turning around several times. I can’t Remove devices, Devices get added by themselves without my intervention and so much more.

Yes, tech support gets back to me, yes they try to help but once the initial communication happens THERE IS NO FOLLOW-UP. It’s such a shame because my Vera Lite was such a great device, now I am disappointed to the point of throwing it out and starting with a different company or maybe finding an old Vera Lite to get a controller that actually works.

So that’s my rant, It’s not to trash ezlo it’s to show my displeasure and disappointment with something that was once a great product on top of its competition.


Hi @peterg88 , we most appreciate our supportive users like you who provided valuable positive feedback and kept their faith in us while we are improving our platform for them. We have progressed much in many areas and still improving with your help. How can we exactly help you on your issues, if you can be more specific. Any open tickets/devices waiting to be integrated ?

Honestly and trying to be constructive, 2 of the biggest issues are 1) “smart” devices do not integrate and when I try to add the in different ways they do not show up even though I have the same devices integrated already. 2) There are devices that are duplicates and triplicates that I can’t delete. I am using Droid OS and the system is extremely slow bringing up controller sometimes takes over 30 seconds before I can get in.

These are complains / issues I brought up a year ago, was on with support many times they took log files and I was told they would be working on it and get back to me, so here we are a year later with all the same issues. Nothing resolved, nothing changed still the same problems and frustrations.

Controller version

hi @peterg88 , thank you for your quick reply and feedback.
1- So do we have a still open ticket on 1st issue / or a specific device which cause issue ?
2- Are those devices orphaned devices remained from earlier attempts ? And for what are you using Droid OS ?

Hello @peterg88!

I have created a support ticket and sent you an e-mail to follow up on the current situation you are experiencing to reunite as much information as possible to get these issues resolved and improve your experience. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Update: Got an email and call from Santiago at tech support, we spent time on phone going over many issues and he took logs generated by my controller. He was able to resolve a few issues while we were on the phone and the rest he would look at with others. I will up date again as things progress Thank you Santiago and Ezlo staff for your fast response.


Hi there @peterg88!

We haven’t heard from you in a while. We were wondering if you still needed assistance with your devices. I have sent you an e-mail to get updates on your system. If you can possibly take a look and give us a reply it’d be highly appreciated!