Expressions don't export values to dataMine2

As another half-ontopic note…

Expressions don’t report to dataMine2. Although the sensor is present it does not report any useable data for dataMine2, which is not catastrophic but might be noted as a future improvement.

The expression-value in dataMine2 is dead to zero.

If you go into the Advanced > Variables tab on the ReactorSensor, do you see the values there, and changing with expected values?

Yep, no problems displaying.

It’s not likely (loggning 83 other sensors), but perhaps I’m doing something wrong with DM.

Well, if the ReactorSensor’s state variables are changing, it’s doing what it needs to do. I can’t imagine what, if anything, dataMine may need beyond that. I don’t use dataMine(2), so I can’t offer much more help there, except to suggest that you might be sure you’ve reloaded Luup, as I know a lot of plugins only set watches on variables at startup time, so it may just need to be tickled to get going.

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Hah! Yeah that was it.
Getting rid of a certain plugin forces me to reload Luup manually.
My former logic control did a reload every now and then.

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