Explain ManufacturerInfo and VersionInfo of a device?

I am trying to workout the firmware version of one of my Z-Wave devices. A Qubino Flush Shutter DC module.


Reading other forums about this particular device, I believe “H1S5P1” the S5 means the firmware version should be version 1.0.2

And S4 they said is firmware version 1.0.1

However I cannot see these version numbers anywhere listed in the Vera GUI for this device.

In Vera GUI I can see this:


The Versioninfo variable is: 3,4,5,1,1 what does that mean ?


Regarding the ManufacturerInfo I found a bit more information.


345 Dec = 0x0159 Hex

Looking in this spreadsheet found on this link here, GOAP aka Qubino is listed as 0x0159

The last part of the ManufacturerInfo displayed by Vera is: 3,83

3 = Product Type ID (I think)

83 = Product ID

I couldn’t find a database for these, but looking at this particular Qubino devices page on the Z-Wave Alliance website here I found this information:

Product Type ID: 0x0002 which is 2 in Decimal not 3 as Vera is displaying. Not sure why this is?

Product ID: 0x0053 which is 83 in Decimal which does match up to what Vera is displaying.

Regarding the VersionInfo that Vera displays, I am still none the wiser.


I think 1,1 is FW version 1.0.1 but not sure.

To add further confusion, the Z-Wave Alliance web page for this device says:

Product Version: HW: 1 FW: 6.04:06.05

I emailed Qubino asking them what is the latest Firmware version number for this particular Flush Shutter DC device? No response as yet.

Looking at the version info Vera is displaying for my Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules.

Module1 - VersionInfo = 3,4,24,3,5

Module2 - VersionInfo = 3,4,5,3,3

Module3 - VersionInfo = 3,4,24,3,5

Module4 - VersionInfo = 3,4,24,3,5

So I am guessing here, but most appear to be version 3.5 which is the latest FW version according to the online user manual for these devices here.

And I have one module that appears to be FW version 3.3

But why does Vera have the extra numbers in the VersionInfo ?



Looking at the ManufacturerInfo for these Fibaro modules, that does match up OK, so I understand that now.



271 = 0x010F Hex which matches in the spreadsheet for manufacturers.

Z-Wave Alliance page here for this particular device states:

Product Type ID: 0x0102 which = 258 Dec

Product ID: 0x1000 which = 4096 Dec

That all makes sense, the VersionInfo Vera is displaying does not however, as I don’t know what the first three digits are for?

@cw-kid thanks for your post - it actually helped me to include my latest Fibaro FGT-001 thermostat (it got stuck on failed to get manufacturer info… I had attempted to change the info in the params tab without success, but your post made me copy the manufacturer info data from another fgt-001 and then everything started to work :smiley:
now I hope that someone will make a proper explaination the versioninfo and manufacturerinfo fields

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Regarding the Qubino DC Flush shutter firmware version, I had a response back from their tech support, sounds like they can’t update the firmware for me even if I sent the device back to them.

“The devices latest firmware is S7, while you have the devices from the year 2016 that have the version 5 of the firmware (S5). Now in some cases the update is possible but for the model that you have there’s a hardware limit as in the later models we updated the Flash and for this reason the firmware can’t be updated.”

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