Existing LUUP code migration to EZLO

My biggest concern with migrating to the new hardware is concerning my existing LUUP code and it’s viability under the new OS.
Will I be able to use the same code? If not, how much new coding will be needed to convert? A brand new language set?

And if it is not viable to just move the code, what will happen to my VeraP in the future. Barring mechanical failure, would it still work?

No code is executable at the moment, except plugins. It’s not compatible at all, so you’ll need to rewrite it from scratch.

You’re safe with your Vera, just buy a spare unit as backup. I got a brand new plus via eBay for 80 bucks. I then decoupled from the Vera cloud and I’m running it 100% locally. Even if they’ll turn their cloud off, my system will be safe. Vera’s backups are wonderful, because you can restore them on a different device in a breeze.