Excluding users from a specific lock on the system?

I have 4 Yale touchscreen locks in the house, connected to Vera3 using UI7. 2 are keyless deadbolts for the front and back doors. the other two are Lever locks with keys and a touchpad, one of them for the door between the house and garage, and the other is on my closet in the bedroom, which serves as my “Beer Cave”. I have 4 teenagers in the house, and would like to give them all Basic User access so they can turn lights on and off, set thermostats, and lock and unlock the locks to get into the house… But NOT to unlock my “Beer Cave” door.

Is there a way to exclude users from that lock when they log in to the system using their phone, tablet, or computer etc.?

this is something that I’ve tried to find out also. i want my kids to have access to everything but i don’t need them to be able to control anything in my bedroom or even specific devices. what it should be is that when you create a standard user you should be able to choose which rooms and / or devices that user has access to.

Vera does not provide granular security control at the user level.

There are a number of ways that you may wish to approach this:

[ul][li]3rd party apps that allow you to design the UI and select which items you wish to display[/li]
[li]The potential of re-skinning the UI such as the current ALTUI [/li]
[li]Hiding and unhiding Devices[/li][/ul]

The most common adopted practice is of course Option 1.

luup.attr_set("invisible","1",DeviceId) -- "1" Any Value will hide the device including "0"
luup.attr_set("invisible","",DeviceId) -- "1" Remove Value will unhide the device