Excluding devices without the primary contoller? Vera breaks...

I have been looking to find out what you do to exclude device(s) when Vera breaks and you have to send it back? Before Vera I used a Levition programming remote as the primary controller, but I excluded them and start over with Vera2. Now Vera2 barely work for a week and took a crap. The reset on the devices does not exclude them from the network?

not sure I’m following-

But if you are asking if you can exclude devices without the vera the answer is ANY controller can exclude a device.

I dont know why the z-wave people seem to have picked the word “exclude” to descirbe the action.

It would be better be descirbed as “reset the associations” becasue you can use ANY controller to do it.

so you could use the leviton remote if you still have it to exclude the devices. Or if you had to exchange the vera for a new vera (or went with another controller all together)- the new one could be used to excude the devices from the old network just fine.

Yep that was exactly was I was asking, Have you seen any other Z-Wave Gateways that are in this price range? I will try it with the Levition Programming remote or also I have a Logitech 890Pro. I have been reading that the Logitech 890 Pro will work as a secondary controller, but only with other Logitech remotes? Do you know anything about this? If this is true companys like this are killing the Z-Wave idea.

The 890 Pro will work as a primary or a secondary with another 890 Pro Controller - the 890 series does not play well with others. The 890 series has also been discontinued.

Here is the exclusion process for the VRCPG:

NOTE: It is very important to accurately Exclude devices from the network when moving or removing a device from a Z-Wave® network. This ensures that all information has been removed from your Primary Programmer/Controller’s information table and is not counted on to be a part of the mesh network.

A) If using a Leviton Z-Wave® Programmer/Controller, Cat. No. VRCPG, press the Menu button and scroll down to System Setup. Press the center button to select System Setup Menu. Choose Advanced Settings. Press the center button to select Network.

B) While standing close to the dimmer, press the center button to device from the network. While the Programmer/Controller is in the Exclusion mode and the locator LED is ON on the dimmer, press the push pad on the dimmer. The Programmer/Controller will verify Exclusion and the locator LED will turn OFF on the dimmer.
If the dimmer is flashing Amber while in the Exlusion mode, the Programmer/Controller is still trying to communicate with the dimmer. Wait until the device stops flashing, then press the push pad.

Factory Default:

If your dimmer is not responding, or you are unable to control it after you have tried to Include/Exclude it multiple times, it may be necessary to reset the dimmer to its original factory settings. To accomplish this, proceed as follows:
• On the dimmer, engage the air-gap switch (refer to Operation section) and wait 5 seconds. Press push pad back into frame and hold push pad until the locator LED turns Amber and then flashes Red. The dimmer is now reset. Once the dimmer is reset, it will be necessary to Re-Include it to a network before it can be used.

It is always a good idea to delete/exclude a device from a network before adding it to make sure there is not a network/home ID and device ID already there even on brand new devices 8)

What is a good remote that can be a 2nd controller that has Z-Wave, IR, and RF?

I beleive there’s a ge ‘home theatre’ remote with z-wave. but sorry no experience with it myself.