Excluding a device from the Zwave mesh

I have a ZWN-RSM1-Plus relay that works fine as an on/off switch. I can control the relay with my Vera so communication to the device is fine. I bought the relay to take advantage of its “instant on” notification. When I first enrolled the relay, I could clearly see the “instant on” status in the zwave log: it’s a “command class basic” message and I was able to use the instant status to build a workable scene that triggered off of the status message.

The problem is that the device stopped notifying Vera of its instant on status the next day. I thought it was the device at first, so I excluded and re-included, but the problem remained. I then excluded and then included the device in my back-up Vera (that is not attached to my Zwave network and has no knowledge of my mesh devices), and in the back-up vera log, I could see the instant on status message.

After doing a bunch of research, I came across a post that suggested that such behavior in the “command class basic” was the result of mesh devices not being able to forward the “instant on” status and similar basic messages.

So my question is, is this true, and can I regain the functionality of the relay device by not allowing any other device to communicate with the relay in the Zwave mesh, in effect forcing the relay to communicate directly with the Vera and only the Vera. If this can be done, how is the exclusion accomplished in the Vera settings.

Any insights are appreciated.