Excessive amount of red squares on Dashboard and Devices screens

Since the last device statuses overhaul I constantly see way too many red squares on Dashboard and Devices screens, both for polling and configuration jobs. Same device that was with green C would appear with red C, and vice versa.

If those are real failures, something has to be done about it.

In any case - if users can guess, or know, that red means ‘failure’ this high amount of red squares will make them think the system is highly unstable and cannot be trusted - not exactly the impression you’d like new users to get.
May be failures could be separated into ‘critical’ and ‘expected’ categories…

The red ‘c’ meant “I couldn’t configure it”. For battery operated devices and controllers, this is normal. So in the new 404 firmware I posted, red ‘c’ means “there’s a real failure”, green ‘c’ means “it’s configured”. Otherwise, it’s a battery operated devices and will be configured later, or a controller which doesn’t need configuration.

I’m yet to see how it behaves in fw 404, but I was referring to regular switches, not battery operated ones or controllers.

UPDATE: something must’ve been fixed, as I don’t see failures on the regular switches/dimmers anymore

Good job! :slight_smile: