Evolve On-Off switch failing to communicate

I have the evolve switch you plug into an outlet for z-wave on-off. It stopped responding recently. I’ve hit the manual on-off button repeatedly and tried different options in mios to get it to work, but no good. It is in what I would consider to be an excellent location, in relation to the rest of the mesh network. What is the best way to get it talking again? I will delete and re-add if necessary, although that will cause me to have to edit a few triggers and schedules, and is therefore undesirable.

  1. Verify that the module is plugged into a receptacle that does have power. Also, verify that your load(lamp) is plugged into the switching outlet on the module.

  2. Unplug it and plug it back in with the hope that this may reinitialize it.

  3. Exclude and re-include the node.

If all this fails to get it to work even with the manual button, then replace the module.

I should have mentioned that the manual button works. I forgot about “excluding” derrr! will try those.