EVOLVE LSM-15 Z-Wave Switch to outlet wiring

Hi: Can someone help me?
I would like to repalce a standard toggle switch with a Evolvw LSM-15.
The switch is wired to an outlet in the same gang box.
I can’t see how to do it.
See attached.
Thank you.

Green (ground) to green on the LSM-15. Black currently shown connected to the bottom terminal (the line) to black on the LSM-15. Black currently shown connected to the top terminal (the load) to blue on the LSM-15. Add a white wire to the wire nut with the other two white wires (the neutral) and connect the other end to white on the LSM-15.

(If the LSM-15 has screw terminals with two holes per terminal, you could take the wire nut off and put one white wire in each hole.)

Hi - I’m also installing a LSM-15 and need a little help. oTi@'s suggestions was very helpful and I was able to get the switch to work. However, upon reading the instructions that comes with the switch, I need help on separating the neutrals. The instructions state:“If multiple neutrals are tied together in one box, separate the neutrals to preserve the integrity of the LSM-15.” My box currently contains two standard toggle switches. I am swapping out the left side which controls the front porch lights. The right side is a 3 way hallway switch. The two switches are connected with a black wire. There are 3 neutral wires that are connected with a wire nut. I added the white wire from the LSM-15 onto these other neutral wires and tested that it works. Other than swapping out standard light switches for dimmers, this part of the instructions is over my head. I attached a picture to show what I’m referring to. How to separate the neutral wires?

I don’t understand what the instructions are referring to?

You’re wiring is correct and that it works proves that point.
Edit: Cap your yellow.

Get that stuff back in the box and have a beer.

I attached a picture of the installation section that I am referring to.

If used with ASA101’s. I don;t know what those are, but my guess is a remote switch in a 3-way configuration. Then neutrals become more important.

If you are only using the single switch and no ASA101’s(?), you’re done.

thanks for reviewing the instructions and providing your input. It’s a good feeling that switch is complete.

Now for the next one. I’m having problems getting this one to function. I attached a picture to show you what the connection looks like now. The left switch is what I want to change out to the LSM15, it’s a 3 way stitch. Basically, the ground is connected to a screw, a black and white wire on top and a black and white wire on the bottom. I connected the LSM15 the following way, ground to green, top black wire to blue, bottom black wire to black, connected both white wires to the white on the switch, capped the yellow. when powered back up, the switch does not control the lights. The green led on the switch lights up when the other end of the 3 way switch is toggled in one direction. Both are unable to turn the lights on. I hope I’m able to explain it clearly.

any advice is appreciated.


3-Way wiring is completely different. That’s what the previous instructions were talking about when referring to ASA101’s. Researching has shown me that the Evlove LSM-15 is a replacement for the ACT ZRW103 which used an ACT ASA101 as a remote switch in 3-way configurations. The Evolve LSM-15 is supposed to use the Evolve LTM-5 as the remote in 3-way configurations. I do not know if the LTM-5 is a direct replacement for the ASA101.

I found an old manual for the ZRW103, that the LSM15 replaces. It describes the ASA101, but again I don’t know that this is the same as the Evolve LTM-5. You would need to look at the instructions that come with that device.

The point is that, as with so many Z-Wave dimmers, 3-way configurations require special remote switches and custom/proprietary 3-way wiring.

I cannot properly advise you based on that picture. I can tell you that your first step is to get the right switches. The second step is to identify the line wires, the load wires and the traveler wires. Then following the instructions, with the right switches, should be straight forward.

Hello, I’m currently upgrading my home with Z-wave. Reading on your post’s I’m wondering if I’m going to have issues with two evolve LSM-15 switches I have just bought. I currently have several Intermatic CA3000 and work great, my only problem with them is that they don’t have beaming capabilities (I need that for my Yale door lock).

My intermatic had no problems with a 3-way configuration, I connected: black-load, blue-light bulb, green-ground, white-neutral, yellow-normal switch on other side of the room that was also connected to the light bulb. This was the connection Intermatic specified and i have had no problems with it.

My worry’s are that evolve are going to make me buy an additional LTM for me to have a 3-way configuration and manage them with programing.

Did you read the directions for the LSM-15 switches? Yes, you’ll need to install Evolve (or ACT) proprietary auxiliary switches for 3-way operation. Intermatic is the only Z-wave brand that allows for the use of standard 3-way switches.

When I read the discription at the online store it said it supported 3-way operations, the swithes should be arriving next week. I’ll just have to order the LTM module.

Would be great the intermatic supported beaming.


Hello all,
I am working on my first zwave project. I bought the LSM-15 switches, after receiving them I noticed that it says they are for 3 way wiring. Can the same switch be installed into a single pole application? If so how would it be wired?

@nitrousscout - The Evolve LSM-15 operates as a single pole switch. Follow the included wiring directions for single pole wiring. If you choose to use the LSM-15 in a 3 or N-Way configuration, you must use the LTM-5 remote switch as described in this thread. But, even in a N-Way configuration, the wiring for the LSM-15 remains the same.

Thanks for the reply, I got the LSM-15 and the LTM-5 both are installed and the light turns on when I push the switch to the LSM-15. When I push the switch to the LTM-5 it does nothing. I assume that they need to be paired together, but not really sure how to do that. I have a vera3 and it found both switches but the LTM-5 is just a controller. Anyone have any idea how to make it work? Thanks.

You must now associate the LTM-5 with the LSM-15

[ol][li]Click the wrench icon on the LTM-5[/li]
[li]Click Device Options tab[/li]
[li]Type 1 in the Group ID field and click Add group.[/li]
[li]Click Set and then choose the LSM-15 from the list.[/li]
[li]Click the X to close the LTM-5 screen. Then click the red Save button.[/li][/ol]

The LTM-5 should now activate the LSM-15 and its light when the LTM-5 is pressed.