Evolve LSM-15 parameter 19?


Does anybody knows how to configure parameter 19 on this switch? From the manual it says this:

“Led transmission indication
The LSM-15 will flicker its LED when it is transmitting to any of its groups. This flickering can be set to not flicker at all (set to 0), to flicker the entire time it is transmitting (set to 1), or to flicker for only 1 second when it begins transmitting (set to 2). By default, the LSM-15 is set to flicker for only 1 second.
? Parameter No: 19
? Length: 1 Byte
? valid values = 0, 1 or 2 (default 2)
Each Configuration Parameter can be set to its default setting by setting the default bit in the Configuration Set command. See your controller?s instructions on how to do this (and if it supports it).”

I tried adding it under Device options but it failed to configure. Here’s a screenshot.

Use 1 Byte Hex.

Thanks for the suggestion Z-waver, but when I saved it after changing it to Hex, said failed at: setting user configuration. Screenshot included.

It should work.

It may be “hung up” by your previous programming attempt. I would try excluding the switch (reload Vera and make sure it’s gone) and then begin again. This time configuring with 1 byte hex from the beginning.