Evolve LRM-AS advanced parameters - disable dimming?

Is there any way to configure a LRM-AS so that it is functions as just an on/off switch? Basically like a LSM-15.

I have some outside lights that are dimmable, but there is no reason for them to be anything but “full on” or “off”.

I googled a bunch, but only saw configuration parameters for inverting the switch and status LED.

Are there parameters to control this?

Also, is the ramp rate programmable?

I think the answer is "no’ to both of those, but wanted to check.

I can use PLEG to made adjustments as these lights would generally run on a schedule, but thought maybe the switch supported such things.



There is no configuration for changing the switch to a plain On/Off switch.
There is no published parameter for adjusting the ramp rate. Probably none exists.

You can set the lights state to 100% or 0% using scenes or PLEG. But they will ramp up or down, accordingly.

Thanks for the confirmation!