Evolve Dimmer and UI7 upgrade

Ever since the upgrade to UI7, I am having an issue were I am not seeing the feedback on the UI if I press the on or off button on the dimmer. However when I control the dimmer through the UI, it turns the light on or off. This only happens when I manually turn the dimmer on or off at the switch. Any help?

Yes, these devices do not support instant status. You will not get status updates when you manually control the dimmer. You’ll have to wait for Vera to poll the device.

  • Garrett

Thanks. But even when I wait for polling (60 seconds) it will not reflect the changes. Is there a way to “request” for feedback?

Vera polling of a device is not every 60 seconds. It is a little more complex than that. But simplify the answer, it can take several minutes to have the device reflex the status of the device. This will vary based on the amount of devices you have on your vera controller. Here is a discussion on the forum that may help with explaining what polling actually does:

Vera updating when a device is manually controlled

  • Garrett


Thanks for your help here. Can I ask you another question?? I am actually using Vera and a middle layer connecting into my home automation system (savant). I do see (eventually) vera will get the correct feedback on the vera UI… The biggest issue that I have is that Savant never gets this feedback. Is there a way to request or get current state of the light switch from vera? If so, do you know how?

thanks again for your help…