Everspring Sockets turning ON/OFF in a loop - Anyone else had this?

Hi everyone

I have a load of Everspring sockets - some dimmers and some just straight ON/OFFs

I have had them for around 18 months ish - they are all connected to side table type lamps around my place.

About 3 months ago - one evening, one of the table lamps started flashing on and off. I could not turn it off via vera so had to unplug it. I plugged it back in the next day - it was fine for about an hour and then started doing it again.

Recently, 2 more sockets have done the same thing.

Has anyone else encountered this? Any ideas would be welcome as I would like to know whether it is the sockets failing or whether I need to do some sort of reset my end?

Kind Regards

I’ve had a similar problem with an Everspring on/off socket. It just seems to be a module failure.

Thanks Frasier - looks like that’s what happened to me

The company is replacing them thankfully!


I have had 3 Everspring on/off switches fail like this & am now looking to find something more reliable as replacements. Any suggestions gratefully received.


You’re not alone. Here is another thread where also the Fibaros is affected: