Everspring SE812 in Modes

I have a VeraEdge with latest firmware and numerous working Z-Wave devices including two sirens, a GoControl WA105DBZ-B and an Everspring SE812.

I use the pre-set “Modes” (Home, Away, Night, Vacation) and “Night” is working well with one exception: The SE812 does not appear as an option in the “What to do if an armed sensor trips?” in the configuration dialogue for the modes.

The GoControl’s capabilities are: “83,92,0,4,16,0,R,B,RS,W1,|37,112,114,128,134,”

The Everspring’s capabilities are: “82,220,0,4,16,0,R,B,RS,W1,|32,37,113:1,114,128,133,134,”

Both are using device file “D_Siren1.xml”

My guess is the Vera doesn’t think the Everspring is a siren, but I can’t tell why. Can anyone offer any advice?

Bump for this, would really appreciate some guidance.

Take this for what it is worth but I saw an Amazon question answered with this, perhaps set it up as a GoControl Siren instead. >>>>

Question: Will it work with Wink?
Answer: Yes. I have it set up with Wink. It was easy to set up and seems to work fine as an alarm on the door and window sensors.
Set up as a Go Control siren. Then you can set up a robot on to have the siren go off when any of the door or window sensors go off.

Easy fix:

Change the device category and subcategory to 12 and 0 respectively. It should show up correctly in the housemode.