Everspring an158-6 stops working after power failure

Hi All,

I have one an158-6 at home. At the last 3 power failures I’ve had, the an158-6 stopped working twice, and I had to get a new one.
Is this something You experienced too?
The manual on/off switch is not working anymore, the unit is not responding to my Vera2, the internal fuse is still OK.


Stops working? Does this men completely dead, even the manual switch? If not, did you try to exclude and include again?

The unit is completely dead; manual controll does not work anymore.

Have you tried to reset the bad modules?

It seems unusual for them to die like you describe.

I didn’t know the procedure. Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately, this did not help.
I think I will bring it back under warranty.


I have a couple of these, but I haven’t noticed anything like this, after power failures nor after cycling the power myself. I noticed that they sometimes stop responding to commands from Vera, but the button on the device will still work, and after a power cycle they will be right as ran again.

Are you using them to switch heavy or unusual loads? Mine are all used to switch lights, never more than 100W

I’m using a 15W inductive light bulb. Are Yours resistive?

A couple are for switching regular lights (resistive), and CFLs. Two others are hooked up to power supplies, I’m not sure what kind of load they represent.