Events Vera functionality

I currently have vera v2. I also have a trane thermostat. I set up a scene that tells me when the thermo goes on. Unfortunately it only sends me an email during the twilight hours (12-4). I did no set it to only go off at that time though. Does anyone have an thiughts on why this would be happening?

Also is there a place i can download events to entend the functionality of the device?

I would love to be able to allow vera to tell me how long the thermo has been running for or set an action to turn off the thermo etc… Any one more technically inclined please help me out.

They do have marketplace planned for free and pay plug-ins, but until that is up and running (probably after UI4 is released) you can look through posts on the Luup/Development forum for code you could include.

Cool and can i just paste the code into the luup event?

When is ui4 set to come out?