Events from shell - possible?


So far I did a lot with vera writing scripts in LUA, and working with some remote systems.
Now I’m trying to find a solution - maybe somebody before did so? - for firing event from shell - is it at all possible?

In short - remote system is executing a shell batch on Vera when alarm is armed ( or disarmed ) - from the batch I’d like to fire an event - so vera can react accordingly.
This will not only be used for alarm reaction, however this is the most obvious thing.



This is best done by having your shell script invoke the Vera HTTP interface using curl to localhost. Here’s an ancient post that gives you the idea. Here’s the list of possible actions.

Looks like this is what I need. :slight_smile:

[quote=“stachuman, post:3, topic:180481”]Thanks!
Looks like this is what I need. :)[/quote]

You can also use luup.inet.wget to if you want to ssh instructions to a server.