Events and Timers don't always work - finicky

It also totally inconsistent - one day it goes 100%, but sometimes 25% (as expected).

We’ll find a solution:

It also totally inconsistent - one day it goes 100%, but sometimes 25% (as expected).[/quote]
Just to make it clear - this is a separate problem and happens on the “first” timer.

One thing I noticed on the timers is that they are quite picky about needing the times in exact hh:mm format, even if using military time. i.e. 1800 won’t work as a time, but 18:00 will, as does 06:00PM, of course. I initially was having problems until I figured this out. An RTFM issue, I suppose… Seems to be working as advertised.

Times are expected to have a colon. In the new UI we use pull-downs to eliminate formatting issues. But for now the following are considered valid ways to put in 6:00 p.m.:

6:00 p.m.
6:00 pm

I can’t seem to get any events or timers working any more (b404). With some assistance, I’ve finally been able to pair my hSM100’s, and have tried setting up some events to be triggered by them, and I can’t get those to work.

I’ve also had my outside lights set to go off after a certain time, and that seems to be failing now (used to work with 320). I just tried a simple timer to make my living room lights go on, and that failed as well.

Hmm… I just tried to remove the event that I was testing with, and clicking save after remove doesn’t seem to be saving. I also just altered a scene and tried saving it, and that didn’t persist either… This is just after restarting vera.

Works in mine.

Works in mine too

Just tried again, and no change to any scene whether it be events, timers, or commands gets persisted to an event that already exists. New scenes get saved just fine, but old events don’t seem to be saving at all.

I just removed all my scenes, and re created a couple, then put in some new timers, and I can create just fine. But just as with the old scenes changes to timers, scenes or events is not persisted.

We fixed a couple more things and closed out all the existing known issues. I think (hope) all the issues are fixed with the new release candidate (.423). Let us know if there are any further issues. If so, you can submit a trouble report within 4 hours of the failed timer/event and post the report ID on this thread and I’ll look at the logs and reply with an explanation.

Was the intermittent event behavior fixed in the latest release?

Yes, all the issues we documented during the beta period are fixed in .423. If you still have event/timer problems, do a trouble report and we’ll fix them right away.

I can’t get the absolute timer to work. It just doesn’t trigger.
Anyone else seeing the same problem?
I am running on 1.0.426, and saw the same on 1.0.423.

I see a problem with it too. It’s an easy fix, we’ll do it right away. Absolute timers are seldom used so it looks like this slipped through the cracks.

Many thanks :smiley:

When setting an event such as a device is turned on or off. If you select the on state vera will always default to off. I have tried deleting the event several times. but it always reverts to off. Here is what I want it to do: The closet light goes on it should trigger an event that will shut it off after 10 minutes.

Maybe this has been report before… But I cannot save changes to my scenes.
If I change the time of a timer to trigger or deletes a timer it reverts back to the old settings after a save. The only way for me to make changes to a scene is to delete the scene and rewrite it.
This goes for version 1.0.426.

[quote=“micasaverde, post:14, topic:164133”]I think I know what’s going on… When you create a timer at, say, 10:00, that’s in the database, so everytime the software loads it reads it in. When you create a timer at 6:00 with a “after 4 hours turn off”, the timer in the database is 6:00, and the ‘turn off at 10:00pm’ is an “in-memory” timer that is created in software when the 6:00 timer occurs. Every time you click ‘save’ the software does a reset (aka reload) which clears the memory and re-reads everything in from the database to get your latest changes.

So, if you did a ‘save’ (router reload) at 5:50, the 6:00 timer would execute and so would the 10:00. If you did it at 6:00, the 10:00 would be lost when the reload occurred, and after the reload, the only in memory timer would be for 6:00 the next day. Of course the easy workaround is to just create a timer at 10:00 as well as 6:00. Then it’s in the database, so you know it is always executed. I’ll think about another solution…[/quote]

Micasaverde, could you update us on this - are the secondary timers reliable now?
If not, it’s a problem - every separate “off” timer now requires a separate scene, given how much screen space every scene takes, it becomes difficult to manage too many scenes.

What would be really nice, is just as on the controllers, to have an option of “Off” timer within the same scene. Just as with controller’s buttons - regular timer would run the scene, “off” timer would simply turn off all involved devices.