Establish communication between a DSC 1832 and a Vera Lite using a IT 100 module

Problem: Establish communication between a DSC 1832 and a Vera Lite using a IT 100 module

I have a DSC 1832 security panel (brand new) all six zones currently working.
Zone 1 front & back doors (NC contacts)
Zone 2 interior doors
Zone 3 Basement motion
Zone 4 First floor motion
Zone 5 Second floor motion
I installed the DSC IT 100 integration module and it is blinking every ? second. This signifies it is sending and receiving data from the DSC 1832 panel.

My Vera lite was installed powered up and connected to my home Wi Fi network using a direct hard wired connection. All three lights are on solid on the vera Lite.
I logged on and set up my online Vera account. I have no Z wave controls of any type as I was solely intending to use my existing DSC alarm system as the triggers.
I connected the DSC IT 100 integration module to the Vera Lite by RS235 to USB cable

To make things a little easier I disabled all the DSC zones (VIA zone definition 00) except # 4 which is a motion detector before starting. My intent was just get Vera talking to One DSC motion detector.
I logged off and back on but I cannot see the DSC panel or any devices, contacts etc. Tried power on/off
Still not seeing my Zone 4 motion detector on my Vera web page.

Suggestions please
Thanks in advance

One observation is the dashboard on my Vera home page is different than all of the online pictures I see describing the home page. Not sure if that is significant or not. There are no horizontal tabs across the top of the page. I have links of the left side that are similar but not exactly the same as all the online examples.

Follow up
I have established a connection between DSC IT100 and Vera however my screen notifies me that my IT 100 is not configured see “” below

DSCAlarmPanel : DSC Panel is not configured. IT-100 configuration is incomplete, please configure IP Address or associate a MiOS Serial Port

not sure where to get this info or where to post it