ESP8266 12E WIFI temperature sensor reports to Vera UI7

I just made the final settings on my ESP8266-12E WIFI temperature sensor project, this sensor runs on two 1.5V AA batteries. When ESP8266-12E it?s in deep sleep mode it uses ~10uA. I found a post that wrote that wakeup interval with 900 second delay could give an average of 2 ? 3mA consumption. Depending on code efficiency and wakeup interval batteries will last pretty long time. All components needed to build this sensor cost me about ~6$

I?m currently running two sensors one reports temperature to my Vera temperature sensor and Thingspeak. The other sensor is used to try battery consumption, currently I send data each minute from a DHT11 temperature sensor, if this sensor gives incorrect data it will retry within 4 seconds. Because of the voltage 3.3v need to the DHT11 it fails now. This has forced my code to send information about the failure to a http log server each 4 second.
2016-01-10 13:08:36.450 | XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX | ESP8266-NR1 | T: | 22 | H: | 36
2016-01-13 23:16:43.067 | XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX | ESP8266-NR1 | ERROR
Number of records sent to my log server from it: 16793 (this test was made with older code, an extra 4 second startup delay was included!)

The chip size is 24mm X 16mm, this will allow a really nice design! All information needed to build this sensor and create the virtual Vera temperature sensor is in this guide. All source code needed to the ESP8266 are shared to.

Read more about it here: Wifi temperatursensor till Vera och thingspeak | Tips för ett smartare hem

// Ispep

Hi Ispep

I am also experimenting with this ESP8266 (also called NodeMCU) and this is a great device, with strong wifi for only few euro…

thanks for your post. I am trying to use ESP8266 to replace the Universal sensor from Fibaro in my doorbell application, as the fibaro sensor is not supported in UI7 (at least thats what i read and i cant get it to work at my home).

if you have more experiences in the mean time with ESP8266 it would be great if you can share

kind regards

This post contains all info about my latest ESP sensor. It?s live and charging from a solar panel outside and reporting to vera, thingspeak and an http loggserver.


I?m waiting on a few components to build my next sensor with a coincell battery.

Is there anything in particular you want to know more about?

// Ispep


thanks. i will read your pages and use google to translate… ;D

how did you make this graphical GUI? see attachment…

That graph is from Grafana. I made a tutorial for installing it on Raspberry PI and using it with Node-Red, MQTT and Influx :slight_smile:


My current design on the ESP graph is added as a attachment.

great, i like it…
thanks, you give me a lot to read now… let me go through it.