Error when adding wget line

My goal is to turn on a light using the DayTime plugin when the door is locked and also send an http get to my blue iris to change profiles. The two codes below work when separate but not together. I get the following error when using the LuaTest 1.6:
Code error: Line 5: ‘’ expected near ‘luup’

DeviceID = 35
local night = luup.variable_get(“urn:rts-services-com:serviceId:DayTime”,“Status”, DeviceID)
return (night == ‘0’)

Can someone help me with this?
Thank you,

You can’t have a statement (apart from ‘end’) after a ‘return’ statement. It just so happens that the next word in your file is ‘luup’.

Refactor your code to achieve the desired functionality.

Thanks. I moved the luup statement to the beginning of the code and it worked.