Error Messages from Schlage Locks

All of a sudden, I started getting error message “Device failed to configure”. It will still lock/unlock and manage PINs but continues to show the red error message in the end. Have polled and healed with no success. Now my other lock has started giving “Failed at setting special configuration” message. This one will not allow remote lock/unlock (at least it does not change the indication or the lock icon). It does accept current codes when physically entered though. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience on how I can fix these errors? Vera UI4 is located in another city, so I will have to do any suggested physical tasks on my next visit to the property. Thanks

My thinking here is that you initially ran a heal network with a “Re-configure all the devices when done” or you tried a re-config of the locks before you got the error messages?
Assuming thats the case, the only way I know to get the errors to go away is to have Vera close to the locks and run the config again.

Local access key presses are not part of the Z-Wave network and would work even if Vera was not connected.