ERROR: Host is not active

When I go to findmicasaverde and sign in for remote access,
It shows me logged as Shadowboxer at : - Control.
But, I I click on the Control, I get the following error message:
ERROR: Host is not active

Your host cannot be accessed. Please check that the host is powered on and has a working internet connection.[/b]

Under events, all that is ever listed is:

Light Switch (on/off)/Lig
Tochierre/Light Switch (o
Lamp R of TV/Light Switch

Under settings, there are a multitude of backups listed indicating there is communication between my vera and the micasa server.

What gives with the remote ability to control my system?

thanks in advance for your input


addendum: I also am on latest firmware


This is exactly the same problem that I have. I have the firmware installed that was released last Friday. Is this a problem on my end (ie. router, network settings?).


Which browser are you guys using? We just discovered another cache-related problem with IE that can cause this to happen.

the newest Mozilla Firefox for MAC.

I will test it with Safari and IE tonight and report back on that.

Just tried with FireFox tonight. I’ve also tried it with IE7 on machines that haven’t ever tried before. Do you want me to setup access to my box again?

Let’s try it with the new firmware. We fixed a few things here.

Just installed the new firmware.

Firefox 3.03 on Mac

Same error message

Do you have a few moments to let me take a look? If so, you can call me at: (702) 487-9770 ext 803 today until 7:30pm pacific time, or any time on monday

Hello Support,

I just installed the new firmware today and the “host not active” is still an issue.

I really need to take a look at the system to know why it’s happening. The vast majority of the users don’t have that issues; there’s lots of activity through the secure portal. I can’t reproduce it; it works for me every time. I’ve tried it on both IE and firefox with both Vista and XP. Is it a problem to call me? You can use the toll free number: (866) 966-casa, or use Yahoo IM: micasaverde803 or send me a private message with your phone # and a time to call and I’ll call you. I’d really like to get this fixed for the next firmware release, but we just can’t reproduce the problem.

Hello Administrator,

About the “Host is not active” problem… Do we have to put the vera on an open drop to the internet? Right now I have it behind a firewall router. The information from the vera is getting to the web site as I can see camera images and events. However, I can’t control anything. Accessing the ‘Control’ section of the website by pushing the CONTROL button, displays a page with ERROR: Host is not active. Pushing Energy brings up a red information line that reads “Unable to communicate with the device”.

The last time I called, we couldn’t get you into the vera because the “Enable Tech Support” feature would not work. This new version of firmware looks like some changes were made in that area, but pressing the Tech Support “Enable It” button doesn’t do anything. It still reads “Tech support full access disabled”.

Also, I tried the iphone web interface ( When I enter in the username and password it brings up a page that says: Logout - FAIL: Host is not active.

Do we need to open pinhole ports on the router?

Sorry. Busy weekend. 12 hour work days! Sorry I couldn’t help yesterday.
Monday, I will be home early (4pm CST) and will be glad to help. I will call you then.

I also tried the from work to see if the problem was a loop-back problem of trying to access findvera from my home network.

I get the same error message from work.

Yeah, if you see host not active, that means your Vera didn’t make the connection. You don’t need to open up any ports or anything, and it should work through a firewall. So I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. I’m also on IM: micasaverde803, and we’re adding live chat to the web site.

How often does Vera “pings” keep-alive?
Is it TCP or UDP?

From another thread - every 60 seconds.

But, in rare cases it may fail to establish an SSH connection to server, depending on the network configuration. Some strict firewalls do not allow even SSH out connections…

Hi Micasaverde:

I have activated the remote input on the verde and I have PM’d you the access code.

Interesting, it worked accessed from outside last week (before last f/w upgrade), and now it doesn’t.
In Energy page I see a message “cannot communicate with the device”

I have Tomato router which displays all active connections – I see nothing to/from Vera’s IP.
I’m afraid the module supposed to send keep-alive packets to maintain open connection doesn’t work properly.

Guys, is there any progress on that?