Error Getting status of:

I am getting this error when opening one of my PLEG’s: Error Getting status of: Heat 18

the condition is:

Heat18 No pTRV6_Current == 18 true 2015-01-19 22:16:30.265 2015-01-19 16:42:50.105

The strange thing is even though I get this error message when clicking on ststus of my PLEG, the condition evaluates properly, as I do get notifications when the condition is true, so it is working fine. I thought this was down to the version mismatch error after the PLEG update, but that must have been fixed as I do not get that error any more. But this error is still there.

Try refreshing your browser …

That did not resolve the issue unfortunately

I am on PLC Version 7.33 just in case that is wrong (all on auto update)

The problem is your Notification:

Heat Is Off HVAC Setpoint PLEG has satisfied condition: Heat 18 

Ok but i cannot see anything wrong with the notification ? I have the same notifications for Heat14, Heat20 and Heat21 and they are not casuing any errors. And the Heat18 notification sends an alert via Vera Alerts when the condition is true, so is working fine.
What am I missing ?

You have two Heat18 Notifications … ONE is wrong!
Please review the REPORT.

Ok I finally found it, I had a space in Heat18. But what I do not understand it has been working for months, and I have not touched it. So I have no idea how that changed from Heat18 to Heat 18. Very strange.