Error for old condition name

Yesterday I have upgraded from VeraEdge to VeraSecure, by making a (controller, not PLEG) backup on the Vera Edge and restoring on the Vera Secure.

Everything seems to work fine, except:

When I go to PLEG --> Control --> Status, before I get the status report, I get 2 error messages:

Can’t get the status of Condition1
Can’t get the status of Condition2

Both conditions are conditions I renamed long time ago into NewCondiion1 and NewCondiiton2.

When I check the status report, NewCondition1 and NewCondition2 appear there.

What is the reason that PLEG has some reference to the (old) Condition1 and Condition2?

I tried renaming NewCondition1/2 to Condition1/2, and then rename back to NewCondition1/2.
This seemed to solve the problem, but some time later the errors starting appearing again.

How can I remove the errors?

I am using PLEG 7.47 and PLC 7.48.

Thanks in advance!

You may want to try adding Condition1/2. Restart LUUP, and see if things work. If so, you can then delete NewConditon1/2.

Provide a status report …

In face do a search in the status report to see where things are referenced.

I have sent you the PLEG report in a PM.

There is no reference to the old names in the PLEG report.

There are two notifications on the PLEG device for conditions that have been deleted.
See the bottom of the report.

Thanks for finding it out - I removed the notifications with the old condition names and created new ones.

Still, as the conditions were RENAMED and not DELETED, shouldn’t PLEG change the names of the conditions on which the alerts are based on?