Envisalink 3 and Dsc plugin - Resolved

For the life of me I can not find where you guys are given the option to enter the Mac and IP address for the Dsc plugin… I am running the latest veraedge code and downloaded the Dsc app. The Dsc Plug in installs

It keeps stating the IP address for the evisalink is not configured but there is no place to enter it. I have gone through every screen and changed pull down options etc

I’m starting to think the latest firmware 1.7.1432 has an issue but maybe I’m missing something. Just picked up the veraedge

Any help would be appreciated Thanks !!!

Try looking under the “Notifications” tab. I had the same problem and finally found the fields hiding there.

This does appear to be fixed in the latest beta firmware (for my VeraLite at least), as I now see that the fields have moved back to the correct place (the "Advanced’ tab).

I couldn’t find it either, I installed altui and the settings are accessible from that interface

Cmdrake - thanks a lot. I have no idea how I didn’t see it. Entered the data and have it up and running now. Thanks VERY much !!!

Thanks a lot. It drove me crazy