Entire Z-Wave network wiped after trying to include a device

Had an interesting glitch today. I was trying to include a couple of Philio 3-in-1 sensors, which went fine up till the 3rd one. During inclusion of the 3rd one, the blue status bar showed “please wait” as usual, then something like “c-1 comms error”, and then “resetting Z-Wave network”. After that, all devices were gone.

Luckily I had a recent backup and I was able to restore things to working order.


Good reminder to us all to make regular backups. Thanks!


Had the same issue a few months ago, thankfully like you I had a backup and was able to get back up and running within the hour

I had this happen about two weeks ago. I, unlike you was not able to recover through a backup. For some reason the backup would not work. Luckily it was a small number of devices that had to be included.

That’s unfortunate. If I had to rebuild from scratch, I might just set fire to the house instead…

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i’ve had the same issue as well…

Been there twice recently last month! Never happened to me before in 10+ years with multiple Veras and hundreds of devices…

Thats really not good. I’ve noticed recently that including devices has become very difficult. I’ve used Vera for years and never had issues including basic things like smart plugs. We don’t really need to add things these days but the ones I tried the other day were the first since the last firmware update. All had issues including and one would even vanish when you applied power to it. Very strange behaviour which might potentially be linked.

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