Entire Z Wave network nonresponsive

So about 3 days ago, I noticed some weird behavior among my z wave devices, then eventually all of them became non-responsive. I couldn’t even exclude devices. I was about ready to throw Vera in the river and run to another provider. The only reason I did not was that everything else was working fine, so I clearly had a z wave issue. I figured a device was flooding the network with noise but after turning off devices one at a time, I was getting nowhere.

I have a VeraPlus and kept my old Vera 3 as the network router (I think I must be the only vera user to actually use mine as a router, but I like the OpenWrt Backfire). The Vera 3 still had access to the z wave network but no automation programmed. I was also unable to control any devices.

Finally, I figured out the problem: The Vera 3 had gotten reset back as primary controller so not I had two primary controllers (not good). I was able to copy the network from the VeraPlus to the Vera 3 which put the Vera 3 back as secondary controller. (Role:Slave SIS: NO PRI: NO) I am relieved but not really happy that this happened and was so darn difficult to figure out.

Hopefully this post helps somebody else…